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Better-Than-New CNC Rebuilds

Don't waste money replacing your CNC equipment. 2SQ Industrial Supply rebuilds CNC machines for clients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. A complete rebuild costs just a third of the price of a new machine, and modern technology allows us to achieve better-than-new tolerances.

Fadal VMC

Greater Accuracy, Lower Cost

Over time, CNC machines wear down, resulting in less accuracy. Our team has the skill and equipment to restore aging CNC machines to their original tolerances. In some cases, parts are no longer available for old CNC controllers. We install brand new controllers, repair any worn parts, and bring the machine back to factory specifications. This service is ideal for manufacturing plants, die plants, or any business that creates tooling.

Services for Tool & Die Makers

Our services are ideal for any business that works with high-accuracy forms. We specialize in serving clients who use punches and dies, but we also serve companies that manufacture carbide.

Optional Features

Take your machine to the next level with a professional retrofit /conversion for your Moore Jig Gridner. We offer our U-axisoption for G550 and G1050 CNC machines to allow the operator to now have programmable U axis. we also offer this option on Manual #3 and G18   grinders This U-axis is both programmable and manual giving your operator full flexability for machine operation.

 We are also the only company in the world that offers our exclusive Z1-axis programmable option for our CNC retrofits and conversions . These services are application-oriented, so a member of our team will sit down with you and discuss your needs. Call 2SQ at 844-514-0037 and talk to an application engineer about all our services.

Customized for Your Needs

Each rebuild or conversion is customized for your specific application in order to deliver the best results at the lowest cost. Whether you're planning to use your machine for grinding holes or shape contouring, we develop a solution that's right for you. Consultations are free, and we are always happy to make recommendations based on our extensive experience in the industry.

Rebuild Machines

One-Year Warranty

You can count on our rebuilds. Everything we do is covered by a one-year manufacturing warranty on all parts and labor associated with the rebuild. For example, if we only provide a controller, the warranty only covers that particular part.