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2SQ Industrial Supply Inc. Offers New and Used Moore jig Grinder Parts. Our inventory of used parts comes from machine in which we have converted with new controls.

Call us at 877-687-3188 if you need parts for Moore Manaul G18, #3, or CNC1050, CNC1000, CNC8400 and other models and we may just have what your looking for.... 

Jig Grinder Retrofits and Repairs at Affordable Prices

Breathe new life into your equipment by calling 2SQ Industrial Supply. We specialize in Moore jig grinder repair for local clients in Western Pennsylvania or around the world. We also offer a wide selection of replacement parts to make your jig grinder function flawlessly. As a former Moore Tool distributor 2SQ has been involved in sales and service for more than 30 Years.  We have the experience to handle anything from parts, service, control integration to complete retrofitting.

Moore Jig Grinders

When properly maintained, the Moore jig grinders delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision. We offer everything from conversions and laser calibration to complete machine rebuilds. Visit our shop to discover how accurate your jig grinder could be. We work on a wide range of equipment, including manual machines, but we specialize in the following CNC model numbers:

• G1050

• G550

• G8400

• S1000

• G48

Moore G48 CNC Jig Grinder Re-manufactured

Repair & Replacement

Over time, all jig grinders begin to develop wear and lose precision. We repair or replace most all components in any type of jig grinder. Our services include:

• Grinding Head Repairs
• Main Spindle Replacements

• Bar & Sleeve Rebuilds & Replacements
• Reciprocation Repairs & Parts

• Laser Calibrations

(Renishaw XL80 Laser System) 

Moore  Model S1000-8055 FW Controls of Moore Model S1000/8055FW Moore Model G1050-8055M-CG4 Moore Jig Grinder Way Moore Model G48 CNC Jig Grinder

High-Quality Parts

Find the parts you need to restore your jig grinder to perfect working condition. We offer high-quality parts for all makes and models. Our selection includes:

• Main Spindle Bearings

• Universal Pin Sets

• Wipers

• Seal Kits 

Moving & Installation

Moving a high precision jig grinder requires experience and training. Attempting to move or install a grinder incorrectly could ruin the machine. Leave it to the professionals at 2SQ Industrial Supply. We prepare your machine for the move to take ever precaution it is not damaged and offer reinstall and inplace laser calibration to ensure the best possiable accuracy from your Moore jig gridner.